Retail Food & Beverage

Bankwest Stadium features a range of food like you’ve never seen in any other Australian venue. From health foods to gourmet burgers and everything in between – the Stadium has everything you could want on the menu.

Bankwest Stadium’s food menus were inspired by the diverse Western Sydney community. An exciting range of food options highlight the flavors of local operators, promotes local providers and showcases NSW growers and producers.

Along with the more substantial meal options there are seven key footy food staples under $5 including a Vili’s beef pie $4.90, Classic hot dog $4.90, Regular hot chips $4.90, Vili’s sausage roll $4.50, Regular coffee $3.90, Coca-Cola original (600ml) $4.90 and Mount Franklin water (600ml) $4.30. Head to The Bar for a range of alcoholic beverages located conveniently at Aisles 101, 104, 112, 120, 123 and 128.

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